• Delivery Options

    Getting fresh and frozen fish to you isn't that difficult.

    We offer here fresh and frozen seafood. Frozen seafood is pretty simple; we hold stocks of frozen fish and if you only want frozen then that's deliverable the next day, pretty much.

    Your frozen seafood is packed in polystyrene boxes filled with dry ice, enough for 2 days generally.

    Fresh fish is a little more tricky. We have to depend on wild fish supplies to meet your needs, British weather and the vagaries of fishing affects supplies. So you can order but we may not have that particular species on the required day of dispatch. We may have to wait for 24+ hours to gather enough fresh fish from around the UK and elsewhere to finish your order. So sometimes you will have to be patient but the freshest fish is worth waiting for!

    We pack frozen and fresh fish orders separately and add gel packs to maintain a cool atmosphere in the fresh fish box. Occasionally when you might order one fresh item with a big frozen order we may pack in the same box.

    Our couriers, and we use a few, try to get the delivery to your door the next day. Order before 10am for next day service. There are times when, through no-fault of our own the goods arrive the second day. We pack enough dry ice to cover this eventuality. Sometimes these two day deliveries mean that the fish inside gets above freezing point. If your delivery is completely dripping then there's not much we can do but if the fish is just soft then placing it in your freezer straight away will ensure the quality is not affected.

    In the checkout process there's a field where you can choose your ideal delivery date. Let us know here when you would like to receive your box(s). It's helpful if you can order early in the week especially for fresh fish so we can do our best to get you what you desire. Sometimes we cannot get all your order and we will contact you if this is the case.

    We deliver Monday - Saturday to mainland UK addresses. If you are north of the border then order for midweek latest in case the courier cannot get to you overnight. This gives time to spare if needed,

    If it looks like you will not be at the delivery address on your selected day then leave a message in the checkout area where you would like the courier to leave the box(s).

    As a last footnote; fish in general is a very stable and safe food to eat unlike some meats and chicken. We endeavour to get it right every time but sometimes, just sometimes it goes wrong. We ask you to help us to help you to get super seafood on your table.


    Cost of delivery: For orders under £95, there is a charge of £15 which is added at checkout. Orders over £95 receive free P&P.