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Where you can buy fresh and frozen seafood delivered direct to your door from Grimsby !!

Whether you are a restaurateur, a publican or simply a great seafood lover you can browse through our website with confidence, selecting the items you desire in the knowledge that they will be delivered directly to your door in perfect condition, whether fresh seafood or frozen seafood. We are not an internet fishmonger, we are a wholesale fish merchant with a shop that is open to the public.

Our physical shop is on Riby Street, Grimsby, as you enter into Grimsby on the A180 continue straight on passing over 3 roundabouts and over a raised flyover. As you approach the traffic lights take the slip road to the left of the lights, stay on that road and follow the bend round this will take you to Riby Street where there is a health club on your right. Look out for 'Clawed' our giant crab, one of his claws is bursting through the wall !! Our shop is called Premier Seafoods. Click here for a map

Catch of the Day and Special Offers

Every day we search the fish markets of Britain to find the very best quality seafoods that are landed that day. In this section you will find not only fresh seafood but also frozen and preserved fish that we can offer at prices reflecting the current market.

These are one of our best selling items, peeled prawns at their finest. Most peeled prawns are produced from frozen, raw material and the taste suffers, these prawns are produced from fresh prawns and taste amazing. These are the 175/275 pieces per 454g, smaller than our usual size but a real bargain at this price. Check you local supermarket and compare, our prawns will be bigger tastier and considerably cheaper and only £28 for 2kg Click here to buy.

Frozen Cooked Lobster

Cooked and frozen in its own netting these ready to eat American lobsters are perfect anytime. After defrosting simply split the beast down the back with a stiff large blade and remove the meaty tail. You'll also need a hefty hammer to crack the claws and reveal the white meat, lobsters average size is approx 500g. Click here to buy.

Cooked King Crab Clusters 600-700g

These are the legs and claws from the giant red king crab and full of both meat and flavour,already pre-cooked and perfect for eating after defrosting. Just use scissors to cut the length of the leg to expose the flesh. Please note these are whole sets but are a fragile product, we pack these as best as we can but occasionally courier mishaps do occur. We charge for the weight shipped using a nominal weight of 600g - 700g Click here to buy.

Cooked Snow Crab Clusters

Frozen pre-cooked snow crab clusters 5 - 8oz. Just defrost and extract the delicate meat from the legs and knuckle. These are great value and the most economic way of securing snow crab. Crab and lobster forks for removing the meat can be bought by clicking the link in the full description on the product page.