Fresh Smoked haddock x 1kgs Available to Order
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Our haddock fillets are smoked in traditional smoke houses with oak chip fires by craftsmen who have been smoking fish for decades (true). The fillets are hung overnight in the chimneys to produce the strong smokey flavour not present in so many automatic kiln smoked fillets found in today's supermarkets. Our Arbroath smokies are hot smoked ready to eat and yes ours are produced in Abroath by M Spink the original smokie family! Smoked on the bone (see image below) for the maximum flavour. Occasionally, especially in summer, we have frozen only but given a few days notice all will be fresh from the smokehouse in Arbroath.
If you notice the smoked haddock you get in a supermarket is a little dull, this is because it's produced from frozen raw material. They do this because the price and supply is fixed for a period. We buy our haddock daily from Grimsby market. 10% off when you buy 5 kilos or more!
Click here to learn about the traditional Grimsby fish smoking method.

We will pack your order in poly boxes with either gelpacks (fresh) or dry ice (frozen) so the temperature is maintained.If you order fresh and frozen seafood then you will receive 2 boxes. Should you order just a small amount of frozen we may pack this with the fresh. All fresh seafood is subject to availability.

Traditional colour 13.50 Natural (undyed) 13.50